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Hong Kong & Kowloon Walk for Millions 2017 / 2018

FUJITEC has been established in Hong Kong for 54 years and has developed a sense of community spirit towards Hong Kong. Thus FUJITEC Hong Kong joined the Walks for Millions organized by Community Chest since 1994. On 14 January 2018, 108 staff and family members under the leadership of our Director, Mr. Mui Cheung Chuen, joined the Walks for Millions – HK & Kowloon Walk. The route started from Hong Kong Stadium, passed through Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, Black’s Link, Aberdeen Reservoir Road and finished at Aberdeen Country Park Visitors Centre. The total distance is approximately 10 km.

Our staff and family members walked under the nice weather and enjoyed the fresh air in the countryside. In order to express the heartfelt thanks for those who could complete the whole journey, our Company had arranged a meal at "Jumbo Kingdom" specially this year! Although most of them were very tired after walking for about 2 hours, they all had a precious moments with their families, friends and colleagues while having the lunch at this beautiful floating restaurant which designed like a Chinese palace! We do hope that more employees and family members will participate in this meaningful event in the years to come.

(Publicized in June 2018)

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