Government Department & Public Facility Projects



TAMAR is situated in the core area of Central business district, with the Victoria Harbour located at front. The job site occupies a area of 4.2 hectares being the future HKSAR Government Headquarters, TAMAR will be built with the concept of energy saving and creating a green environment. Also, a large area of green park, open space as well as a waterfront promenade will be constructed for the purpose of public leisure in future.

TAMAR's superstructure is designed and built by Gammon-Hip Hing Joint Venture, the whole project will include the construction of the new government office complex and the new legislative council complex together with the interconnected footbridges. In addition, 2 hectare of "Green Carpet" leisure space will be provided.

The shape of TAMAR's main building was designed with the concept of "Door Always Open" The requirements of environment protection and energy saving are highly emphasized. Upon completion, TAMAR will become not only the most environmental friendly government building, but also a new focal point of Hong Kong.

FUJITEC will supply to this huge development a total 85 units various types of lift and GS8000 escalator, including high speed ACGL lifts running at 360m/min, space-saving machine-room-less lift "Belta" and the dual speed operated escalators equipped with energy saving feature.